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light rain out there, sal of course watching the roads for you, but first let's start with steve pallson, what do you see? >> i see a little bit of rain towards santa rosa and the russian river. otherwise it's cloudy. most locations say cloudy, a little bit of rain, some of it not showing up on the radar. it's below the radar beam and we'll continue to see just -- forestville has picked up 15/100 and santa rosa a tenth in 24 hours. it's a little bit. there is good rain to the north. it's definitely up towards the northern part of the state and there's a good stream of moisture taking aim at us today. a lot of that has to work its way in. favor the north bay maybe for the morning even though that's not much. you can see this cloud cover streaming in. later on for the morning commute, most people will not get rain on them. 50s on the temps and i don't expect those to change at all. there's plenty of moisture moving in. i wish there was a little more forcing or lift in the atmosphere, that would help, but north, yes, you get some rain. otherwise south bay may have to wait a long, long time.
at the reflection from the streetlamp and the little bit of rain coming down. we'll be checking with steve to see, you know, where the rain's heading, if it's going to be hitting bait area today or not. good morning, welcome to ktvu morning news. i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. topping our news at 6:00, our long dry spell, at least in some areas may be coming to an end. rain is finally in the bay area forecast, just not as much as we expected. we do have live team coverage for you this morning, ktvu's alex savidge standing by live in sonoma county. sal, of course is watching the roads. but first let's check in with steve paulson with the forecast. >>> all right. thank you very much. very little rain up in the north bay and everywhere else it's just cloudy. now this afternoon things look better, maybe after noon or so this system might drop a little south. ukiah picked up a quarter of an inch of rain. 18/100 and 21 in forestville, 15, santa rosa 10. haven't had any reports from a couple other russian rivers. a little bit of rain trying to work its way in. there's not much to
castanedo is keeping an eye on the slick roads. we begin with meteorologist, steve paulson. >> all right, tori. thank you. >>> well, as you know, this year has been bone-dry. we'll take any rain we can get. there's a little bit moving through. not a lot. these un-- unfortunately, it's not continue use. these are just bands. in marin county, napa county, very light kind of intermittent. it's heading towards over san pablo bay and towards concord, east bay, highway 4. again, there's not a lot here. you see the light green. this is kind of a mist. maybe might goat a pocket or two. vallejo has had .01. duncan mills, it's been raining off and on lightly for about two hours. it looks like they are on a little bit of a break. but the russian river, all of that rain sometimes doesn't show up on the river. there is a lot of cloud cover. unfortunately, you know when you got a good front. this is not a good front. it's a lot of overrunning rain. we don't have the lift to give us a good rainfall. it can stack up if it continues and that that would be the face to the north. a lot of 50s to the north
be willing to jettison obama care too? let's talk. here is democratic strategist steve mcmahon. jenkins of the "wall street journal" editorial board. paul howard from the manhattan institute. and joining us shortly, veteran political analyst larry sabato. it's kind of like, i don't know, deja vu all over again. the white house is capitulating. the insurance companies can do it better. this is where we started. why don't we just stay there and let the insurance companies do that? why do we need this gigantic state-run bureaucracy? >> well, the insurance companies selling obama care policies is just a stopgap. they still expect to get the exchange up and running. they're simply trying to make sure it doesn't all go kaput between now and then. secondly, the catastrophic medicare thing was a, bipartisan, b, kind of a small law. it wasn't going to discredit anybody's political career, certainly not president reagan's. so i don't think that the obama people are going to give up the ghost quite as quickly as dan rostenkowski and ronald reagan did. >> okay. maybe. so small is a relative term. l
, the newest round of legal trouble for the man acquitted of killing trayvon martin. abc's steve osunsami tells us what happened this time. >> reporter: another day, another mug shot for george zimmerman. tonight he's in jail again, arrested for what police say was domestic violence, allegedly assaulting his current girlfriend who called 911. >> what's going on? >> he's in my house breaking all my [ mute ] because i asked him to leave. >> she alleged that he had broken a table and at one point pointed a long-barrelled shotgun. >> reporter: she said he shoved her and then pulled his gun. >> we believe it was some type of separation in the relationship. >> reporter: ever since his acquittal this summer in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin, florida's most notorious recent defendant keeps finding trouble. there was this outside his wife's home in september in the middle of a messy divorce. >> he continually has his hand on his gun and says step closer, threatening all of us with his firearm. >> do you think that he feels that perhaps after the trial he felt a little more invincible?
spanx is not an invitation. and my guest, steve mcqueen is director of the film "12 years a slave." it's the harrowing story of a non-superhero movie being made in hollywood. (laughter) butterball warns there may be a turkey shortage. apparently they were caught off guard by this whole thanksgiving thing. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) (audience chanting "stephen"). >> stephen: not bad, not bad! welcome to the "report," everybody, good to have you with us. thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. folks, tonight -- folks, thank you. i -- i thank you. i thank you for your honoring of me tonight but, folks, i've got to tell you -- please, sit down. (cheers and applause) ladies and gentlemen, as much -- folks, as much as i love you praising me, tonight i have to start with a praise for you, the colbert nation. because last week, folks, i called out china for donating a measly $100,000 in cash to typhoon victims in the philippines. evidently china can't relate to storm damag
will replace outgoing ceo steve ballmer. josh lipton live in bellevue, washington. >> reporter: it was an historic day at microsoft shareholder meeting. the last meeting with steve ballmer as ceo. ballmer's record at microsoft is mixed. revenue jumped but critics say he mixed big tech trends like mobile and social. stock is up sharply this year but down 25% under his watch. bill gates at the shareholder meeting today gave no guidance for when a new yi would be picked. he did seem to get choked up when talking about his friend, steve ballmer. >> we've got a commitment to make sure the next ceo is the right person for the right time for the company we both love. and we share a commitment that microsoft will succeed as a company that makes the world a better place. >> top picks to replace ballmer mentioned, ford ceo allen mulally and former nokia ceo elop, as well as kevin turner, coo and nadella of cloud and shared enterprise. microsoft made a point of emphasizing their cloud products. whoever replace ballmer and strategis, the new ceo will face new challenges as microsoft reposi
!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks? thank you very much. how you folks doing today? thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from canton, gia, 's the griffin family! audience: [cheering] steve: and from mcdonough, georgia, it's the ames family. >> hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! audience: [cheering] steve: well, everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new stylish ford fusion. audience: [cheering] steve: let's play "feud," everybody. let's go. ve
model companies look for business opportunities. >> reporter: steve is a venture capitalist whose firm has invested tens of millions of dollars in space x, a california rocket maker, and provider of launch services founded by tech entrepreneur elion mosk. nasa is paying space x a billion dollars to reply-- resupply missions to the international space station. in may 2012 space x became the first private company to launch a mission to the space station. the milestone proved the company could build and launch rockets reliably and cheaply. >> and capture is con termed of this dragon spacecraft. >> many of these new space companies are being built by software engineers. and folks at space x didn't come from aerospace, these are computer scientists by training. time and time again it has prove ten is the hot bed of prn entrepreneurship. it invents new industries and part of it is the culture, willing to take risk. >> reporter: part of it may also be a high-tech approach to innovate industries as dan berkenstock and its team are trying to do with satellites. >> a typical imaging satellite to
. thank you. >> steve wu from chinatown cdc. i want to thank the ta staff for a great presentation and laying out a great framework for how to achieve equity in discussions about new transportation revenue. i think it's very important as a board you take a step back and really examine how the revenue being discussed today is being reprogrammed especially with regard to equity. and it's very important to take a look at how new monies will benefit today's everyday transit riders. we haven't seen any analysis of that and i think this lays out a framework of handout you -- how to do that. how new money can benefit transit riders. we look forward to seeing how this framework gets developed and once again, thank the ta staff for producing a great presentation. >> steve, i just wanted to clarify at the last ta board meeting that malcolm was anna pointed member of the task force but you said he was never a ppointed? >> we don't want to elaborate on that. he was on a communication band and he raised a lot of concerns which he felt were not adequately addressed. he was a member of the task
companies. here to explain radio talk show host monica crowley and "weekly standard"'s steve hayes. both are fox news contributors. so i can't believe that we're sort of just hearing about this and figuring it out now. it is called the risk corridor. it basically it says if insurers costs are 3% more than what they targeted, we the taxpayer, will give them 50% of that difference. if it is more than 8% above what they anticipated, we're going to give them 80% of that difference. oh my! >> yeah, you're exactly right. we're just finding out about this over the last week or so but those of us who opposed obamacare all along, steve and "weekly standard," and i we were warning exactly read this. nobody read the bill. we were warning about these kind of time bombs that would blow up as the law started to be implemented. this obama fix is not even a fix -- melissa: makes it worse. >> throws off the whole risk pool. in terms, wait a minute with only people going through a broken website, that exacerbates it more, we'll drive up premiums. melissa: steve, explain to people really clearly what we're
in a hearing on the hill. in that hearing will be louisiana congressman steve selise. concerns were raised in march of last year. what do you know about this? >> we are all seeing the debacle of not just the website but all of the other problems related to people losing policies. a lot of things we predicted years ago. the president said we were wrong when we were making these predictions. in some the hearing we had secretary sebelius and others saying everything would be fine. but we are seeing that everything is not fine and they knew it. there was chaos where you literally had nobody in charge. bill: who was made aware of it in the spring? >> this goes all the way up to secretary sebelius. tavenner, the chief technology officer at the white house. the president is saying it's going to be like buying tv objectv onamazon. this website is a national embarrassment and the president should have known about it. if he didn't know about it, then there should be people held accountable and fired. we would test the smallest changes for weeks. they were making large changes days before rollout and
. we saw the film. relativistic time dilation, okay? steve smith did all the drawings. i told you steve smith was a dishwasher and after submitting the film to the american educational film festival in 1977 that got him first prize. steve then advanced to the status of a taxi driver. yeah, yeah, the arts, the arts. very rewarding, gang. why is it mommy and daddy get disappointed when you say you wanna be an art major, right? with the prices of housing going up, you say, you wanna be an art major, huh? on the film, we saw where time seemed to be different for people traveling and time was different for people at rest. it turned out the speed of travel for that particular case where we go from 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours was 60% the speed of light. you saw the film that kinda got into all the stuff about counting flashes, counting flashes and all that sort of things. would you like to see that nice and succinct so there's no question? so when you look at what i'm gonna put on the board, boom, it all makes sense? time dilation comes alive. would you like to see that? i can do that for you right
. [applause] officer aaron fultz. officer david goff. officer patrick griffin. officer steve hampton. [applause] may i have sergeant victor huey. sergeant marty lalord. officer nathan magnal. sergeant andrew mahan. and my academy mate, captain michael moran. may i please have officer brendan o'connor. sergeant matthew o'leary. officer mike palata. and officer adrian pane. may i have now officer jason robertson. sergeant sean ryan. sergeant kelvin sanders. sergeant jason sawyer. [applause] can i have officer pete sable. officer thomas smith. officer michael wolf. officer ronald laberto. >> mike wolf decided to be with his wife, having a baby and missed our ceremony. see if he ever gets anything again. >> and the silver medal awarded for the first officer on that night sergeant roberto. and although captain told the story as well could be told. i was there that night. and the story pales by comparison if you saw what these officers encountered. and the fact of the smoke and the rounds going through floors and ceiling and fire and all the buildings attached. i can assure that the shot
. >> you don't have anybody to thank. that's too bad. steve weiss long. >> pete? >> buy citi and bank of america. >> i would take a shot of cpb. >> i like franks international oil service. "power" starts now. >> "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> all right. scott, thank you very much. jpmorgan expected to settle any minute now really with the government to the tune of some $13 billion. has it put the worst behind it or not? is it time to buy jpmorgan stock or look to other financials? we're going to take a look at that whole sector and see where you might best make some money now. tesla is under fire, yes fire, as the government begins an investigation surprisingly, the stock is up today. selling off rather sharply in the last three or four weeks. we will tell you if the inquiry will put a dent into tesla's sales. you may be surprised on that one. strong quarter for home depot, boosted by a resurgent home remolding sector. is the stock, a buy, sell or a hold. old-school debate coming up. first let's check in with sue at the ne
housing clinic. those people are really good, thank you, steve collier. yeah, i don't know what to do about it. i have thoughts about, they could have some kind of mental health survey that property owners would have to take and if it disclosed that they were incapable of feeling either compassion or ethical standards they would be prohibited from owning property. yeah. but meanwhile i do appreciate the efforts, what you are trying to do. it's a step. it's a step. but it is a crisis, as people have been saying, and i have to say after listening to all the other people and their stories, this is a case where misery does not like company. i wish nobody had to go through what i went through. the only reason i'm still in san francisco is because at the last minute when i was totally freaking out i was introduced to somebody whose roommate was moving out. so basically at the age of 67 i moved into a room in an apartment with a complete stranger. >> thank you very much. >> where i still live, i'm 75 now. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker. >> hi, my name is andy blue. thank you,
on the internet so o one. state tv sports commentator lost his wife. steve all is going to take time for a wife to get back to normal here in ca but you get the school for four new one it was suggested nothing can summon the play went there when the priest on oh two led me to second the policy tunnel bolton landing requested the second attempt when the jet commented to the ground passengers who traveled on the same plane because i'm mostly just a few hours the earliest but this was that the lemon was also made high winds it was also frightening. the spider in sepia. i don't mind if life itself went quite smoothly then just before the landing declan started translating fiercely. the plaintiffs seeking comment from side to side. lincoln our first attempt that it was a really bad landing and it felt like the queen was going to roll off the runway. to many christians still to be honest unless but to civil aviation consultant mile of ice to stop this hat mistake. he is to fly the same type of plan involved in the cars and does us to become a gazelle is a combination of factors beyond any . there was
warning flag. steve bernas is president and ceo of the bbb of nothern illinois. i was astounded at what customers can pay through the rent-to-own process. > >most customers are astounded by that. they don't realize that sometimes you can pay double of what it would cost you if you bought it outright first with cash. people have to be very careful and read the fine print on those contracts because they soemtimes lock you in sometimes through long term contracts. > >and some consumer groups say that the people least able to pay these high fees are the ones who are typically doing that. > >exactly. the advertisements are geared to those people that can't afford it unfortunately---the people that can't pay cash or don't save up for it. so you have to be very careful. it sounds good but you can end up paying double. > >for short term renting, it's probably okay as long as you return the tv set? > >short term is okay but it's gotta be very short term. and most consumers don't go full term with those contracts so be very careful how long you go. make certain that you can afford it as well. > >
, or not that many anyway, but if the rain does come, steve and i will be all over it. we're going to be the -- i don't know what kind of brothers we'd be on a rainy day, the rain brothers. maybe let's take a look at 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze, looks good and dry so far. no problems if you are driving on the east shore freeway. 80 coming in from vallejo all the way out to the macarthur maze. and also this morning's commute is looking okay on 238 and on 880 as you drive towards the san mateo bridge. it's 447. here's steve. >> how about the cloudy brothers. you can be cumulus and i'll be stratus. >> perfect. >> all right. this is one of those wish forecasts. boy, we wish it would rain. right now there's only a teeny bit of drizzle and that's around up in forestville. the russian river only gets 15/100, that's a drop in the bucket. there's a little bit -- right now things are very quiet. i think the morning commute looks fine unless you're up watching us towards eureka. even ukiah says cloudy. there's rain to the north. there's plenty of moisture, just a stream of it taking aim a
shareholder meeting in a little more than an hour or now, as steve ballmer gets ready to exit the tech giant. talked a lot about ballmer yesterday in that interview with the "journal." >> that was the topic of much conversation out west. drew halston from drop box talking openly about the idea that steve stood in the way of progress, marc benioff saying how he recognized the impediment to microsoft is himself. a lot of soul searcher out there. >> some other soul searching going on among ceos of fortune 50 companies, they looked at what happened with mr. ballmer where he expressed a bit of ambivalence about staying in this job to his lead director and they were like great, thanks. >> wow. >> and i've been hearing that those kind of ceos or any ceos, whether it's activists or just in general sort of wondering whether their board is going to turn on them are definitely seeking advice on how to prevent that from happening. >> this is a revolution. boards are supposed to be rubber stampers. >> not anymore. not as much. you still see some but there has been a change. >> abercrombie's board? >> you
wealth. >> steve levy with me now. this was a question we were asking throughout the sort of the three-years of the economic -- of the struggling economic recovery starting in 2010, 11 and 12. here we are nearly at the end of 13, corporate profits are up, they're sitting on cash. what's the excuse now? >> first of all, chuck, after that run of numbers i have a job for you at cnbc as an economics reporter. >> thank you, sir. >> really well done. we don't know why they're sitting on cash. one reason is uncertainty about the outlook is particularly mentioned by a lot of top ceos. plus you're in a world right now of a lot of excess capacity. you can find that excess capacity in some of those numbers you gave. there's excess capacity in labor and that you see in the unemployment rate and the number of long-term unemployed. there's also excess capacity in factories and in plant and equipment. another thing you have is you have -- >> let me stop you there. excess capacity basically is economic english for -- >> too much stuff. >> also automation, right? >> that's potentially one source. reall
correspondent for michael tomasky and steve benen, an msnbc contributor and producer for "the rachel maddow blog." it's an ever deepening saga because now we have a press release from mom and dad cheney, which reads that this is an issue that we have dealt with privately for many years and we are pained to see it become public, since it has one thing should be clear. liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. she has also always treated her sister and her sister's family with love and respect. liz's many kindnesses shouldn't be used to distort her position. just to refresh everybody, this is liz cheney who has come out against marriage equality, saying she doesn't believe in it. mary cheney and mary's wife, heather poe, took this public saying this was quite hypocritical of her since she attended their wedding and wished them well. so, suzy, you have to wonder how much political capital is liz losing or earning over this? >> i don't think her positions are making her popular with anyone in wyoming. in fact he was under pressure from an outside group attacking
change the world can. this quote is from steve jobs and it opens his biography. jobs profoundly changes tending starting with the other person communication what the ipad. his flip was in the technology of the humanity. he believed that simplicity and extraordinary customer he experience could go together. apple neat to control the elements of supply chance and as a cult they had to own the experience. when i read this book it resonated with me on so many levels. it's not because i owned one of the making tarnish i swear it's still out there operational. and in standing for the record university he encouraged the audience of graduates to follow their heart. i hit the campaign trail to elect a president that would make energy a national imperative. it touched me because it's the things we do at g s a everyday. just like apple products convey their products this building is no exception it has solar and open rabble windows and it represents the history in this city. we use an integrated design approach in our project and we manage our building holistically. and indeed we help the workforc
high. we want to go out the cnbc in london right now. good morning, steve. >> about 16,000. karl icahn scared a lot of investors. tesla was down. twitter was down as was facebook. jpmorgan could be set to announce a deal with the department of justice to settle civil liabilities. that one could be a $13 billion settlement. >>> all right. you know so much fascination about bit coin and what the future of currency is. we will start getting regulation over these type of currency? >> well, the concern is that these could be used by traffickers, all kind of criminals. people are confused. even the senator in charge of the homeland security, government affairs said look it's confused the heck out of us. when you have a dollar bill you know what you're going to get. it's signs by treasury secretary. with a bit coin it's an algorythmic currency. this thing has gone ballistic. >> it was up to 900. currency has value if everyone uses it and assigns a value to it. once they don't the value can just plummet. fascinating to see what money will look like if anything. good to see you have a u.s. doll
. >> steve wu from chinatown cdc. we want to talk about our position on the theep. we have some significant concerns about it demand terms of the reduction in service it's proposing particularly in chinatown. the tep will be reducing the route of the a decks part of the way through chinatown and eliminating folsom. in the area of talking about reducing revenue, we don't understand why there are cuts to service. for the items that will be reducing the service, we are not sure why that's there. the system going through environmental revenue -- review. in planning, you need to make sure with the cuts you have not been able to evaluate fully. thank you. >> commissioner kim? >> actually if i can ask you a question. sorry. thank you. of the 10 projects, actually maybe i can ask the mta staff about the preliminary design of the projects and the additional 5 projects. are you aware whether the 8 axis is included in this list and/or would you like to hold off the approval of the funding for this design until we get more questions and answers? >> we have not moved in that direction yet. i'm not su
guy ended up getting footage after the storm. at one point steve ott picks up one of those and look at that. there's a third video of this same hail storm from the beach. it was interrupting what they're calling a surfing parade going on. can you see and hear how destructive this storm was. >> what do you do if there's no cover for you? >> there was a report of a woman who get hit and this family life. >> you can see the tumble we'd blowing in their direction. the entire road is completely covered in piles. the piles are al. >> you're trying to figure out exactly where the road is. >> i can't see the fence. >> turn to the right. no no, no, no. >> in is kind of cool. >> but you can't see where you're going. >> they're drowning in the field of tumble weeds. >> was there a meeting? >> a convention. >> hold everything. it's time to remind you we're giving away another flat screen tv in just a little bit. up. >> need the tuesday buzz word, be 18 or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> it's your chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> this video is sure to spark debate oaf your const
love to hear steve's opinion on whether he thinks that made a difference. i am no expert on republicans. >> steve, go ahead. particularly, the expansion of medicaid, which violates the congressional republican dictates on this does that surprise you that he would win? with that being almost the only distinguishing feature between these two candidates? >> i don't think he ran to the left. i would say he ran to center of the republican party if that's okay with you. the fact of the matter is chris christie is for expansion. that if you put the alabama second race, it was the the united states. and the swamp people came up short. he is in favor of the expansion of medicaid, i think the defining difference is he's not on the repeal the affordable care act band wagon that the tea party has hitched its horse to. there is good things, bad things. we ought to get rid of the bad and reinforce the good. that is what most level headed republicans are saying. >> he also said that you cannot repeal obama care as long as president obama is in office, as long as the democrats control the senate. in ot
parts were all on me. >> reporter: yesterday we brought you the story of steve. he and his wife miraculously survived in their basement hallway. >> i was down an she was lower like here. >> reporter: when they surfaced their brick home was destroyed and cars thrown across the street. >> the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> reporter: what was that? >> my wife. >> reporter: thousands left combing through the piles of debris searching for whatever they could salvage. >> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: i want to give perspective as to how rare this event is, since 1985, they've only had 200 or so tornado warnings in the state of illinois. more than half those came just this last sunday. chris? >> indra, we know that as quick as it was it is beginning to take a long time to get things up and running. did they get the water turned off at that building next to you? >> they did turn that off. they're making progress. >> it's good to see progress there. thank you for the reporting, indra. we'll be back to you. a lot of you have said what can we
with the very latest on the disaster. maria? >> steve, elisabeth and brian, the storm system moved through parts of the midwest on sunday and produced several tornadoes and national weather service survey crews did head out yesterday and surveyed the damage and confirmed multiple tornadoes out there. in washington, illinois, you're seeing aerial pictures now, heartbreaking seeing all of this damage and homes completely destroyed, it was confirmed that was an ef-4 tornado with winds of 190 miles per hour and that the length of the path of that tornado was 46.2 miles. that particular tornado killed one person and injured 122 people. also another confirmed tornado in gifford, illinois, an ef-3 confirmed with winds up to 140 miles per hour. that is just two of the confirmed tornadoes out of dozens across parts of illinois, parts of indiana and also kentucky. we'll continue to bring you the very latest. the forecast not looking good out here. we expect to see rain moving in tuesday, wednesday and thursday, actually later today through wednesday and also through friday. that's something we're tracking
in goldman sachs, steve balmer, the retiring ceo, my friend from college asked me to fly out to see him and talk about the future. microsoft had grown into a company peole thought, honestly might have been played out already, hard to believe, but really some people thought that. when i owned it for my hedge fund right up to the justice department investigation, which was too much for me i met resistance. the same way i met resistance for recommending intel and owning it for my hedge fund when the 286 chip was introduced. later 386 and then 486. with each generation people thought it was game over intel. i mean, really, who needed a more powerful personal computer? now we look back. now we look back and see all the money that was made, and we marvel at how easy it must have been. hardly. we had top callers every step of the way just like we have them now for and yelp and so many others. here's the bottom line, it's terrific to invest in what you know, and own it over time for a decent return. however, if you can stretch your imagination, learn what you don't know, and have
a story that the jobs report was doctored? steve liesman's been digging into that all day. he brings us his latest findings still to come on the "closing bell." i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. >>> welcome back. well, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the bitcoin mania. what exactly is a bitcoin? >> i'm glad you asked. we put together a lit
the lightning round is over. are you ready, ski-daddy? we start with steve in missouri. steve! >> caller: hey, jim, a minute ago tiger's boo-yah to you. >> we love the mazoo. what's up? >> caller: i am talking about a stock you mentioned in the past. they had weaker than expected earningings and guided lower, but revenue is still growing for chart industries. >>ing o. i said after that quarter when they were in the 100s, i could not get behind the company, until i need the ceo. why? because i frankly did not understand the shortfall and until i do, i can't get behind it. ied into to go to willie if florida. willie. >> caller: jim, how are you doing? a gobble, gobble, boo you to you. >> sweet kind of boo you to you. kwhats up? caller all back in may, i came out with ingus tickered at bya or boya. i understand it has something to do with the buyout. i have been doing fairly well. but i never see it reported on cnbc or see it on the sticker. >> well, so you know, a lot of peel didn't like this company when it became public. i myself was skeptical. you got a very good run in it. >> that said, i l
. steve nissen of the cleveland clinic says the calculator should have been tested more thoroughly before being released. >> the right thing to do is pull back on releasing these guidelines, put this out for public comment, let independent scientists examine the risk calculator. because we're talking about the treatment of tens of millions of americans with medications. we have to get this right to maintain the public support. >> reporter: a main goal of the panel was to decrease attention paid to a single number-- cholesterol-- and consider the entire patient. now there's controversy over another number: cardiovascular risk, which was meant to simplify things. >> pelley: doctor, thanks very much. seven weeks after went online the obama administration is trying to take the pressure off the troubled web site. until now, people looking for a government subsidy had to apply on the government site but the white house said today it will now work with insurance companies to allow customers to apply for subsidies on the insurance company's web sites. it also said that when the gov
kick by two thousand and six. by that of what you've done overnight stop in steve's with local fight to get to see. shared office and all that i saw this and just as i'm not the knife that is what the conflict than fifty percent and twenty five since this is different the thought that was fine in this credential in the indian auto part of it after i got in the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president the royal borough of kensington and chelsea constituency phallic say. run by the royal court to cultural society. the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary disney join me for a hundred and sixty thousand visits his shadow is the will of god meanwhile it. to see the queen is in you make your visit at the keys. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase need tons in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special dining tv friends with some details. days five hundred exhibit a space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted an eye off the geometric past and seen here wit
, that we'll work on. >> steve mcshane here. mcshane's nursery and landscape supply. think of the best salsa you've ever had. it was the fresh cilantro, wasn't it? herbs go a long way in the garden and we're going to learn a little bit about how to succeed with herbs in your landscape and in backyard. well, let's see, the first thing i'd say is you need to plan for your herb garden. most people are growing herbs these days in containers. they put a little gravel in the bottom, water their high-grade potting soil, maybe a little bit of [indistinct], add some starter fertilizer to get them going. i always tell people--select things that are going to be found to be a little exotic. edible plants as well. why not mix in with your herbs thgs like nasturtium? the flowers in nasturtium are a little peppery. they do a lot for your salads. calendula is also edible. these blooms, the plant, what a great addition to your salads and entrees. the other thing i'd say to folks is make sure you consider sun, sunlight, 6 to 8 hours a day. if you've got the right plan, you got the right herbs, you're feeding
this tomorrow. steve will be here tomorrow morning. >> thanks bill. >> thank you bill. mark's here now, another good night for the warriors. >>> nice night again. the nba's elite make a habit of winning away from home. and the warriors make it look like no big deal. no much misery in the path to paste the jazz. the warriors steph curry to harrison barnes. curry inbounds, picket fence on the baseline. get it back, pop it. and he had 22 tonight. the warriors pull away in the 3rd. three steals also for steph. here's one for clay thompson. and the warriors go up 28 points. thompson hits 17 and they coast in 98-87. they're 3-3 so far out on the road. >>> the story of the off-season for the giants postseason, tale of timmy's. hudson added to the staff today, expensive for a 38-year- old pitcher recovering from a broken leg. he comes back to the bay for 2 years, $23 million. the winningest active pitcher in the major leagues however right now with 205. nothing to sneeze at. >>> monday night football as the seconds tick away, tom brady gets ticked off. find out what >>> i guess you could say the patrio
. >> also steve martin g an honorary oscar. >> and he cried apparently. he said i practiced this speech with my dog and wept. >> amazing ceremony. very special. no cameras allowed. very -- >> except for tom hank >> tom hanks, yeah. >> let's talk about alec baldwin. ec was on the street apparently using se anti-gay slurs. >> he had a rough we. on thuray, there's some footage tmz obtained, it went everywhere wh him, chasing a phographer saying something, some peoe are calling them gay slurs. it sounds ok a gay slur. >>f that doesn't sound like a gaslur, i don't know wt is. msnbc postponed his show or nceled his show for two weeks just until this kind of dies down. but he wrote an editori for the huffington ptnd said that, you know, he just wanting to defend his fami. all he wants is safety for his family. this should not msnbc's problem. >> did he claim he didn't use anti-gay slu. >> he saide said the word fat head and nothe other f word. hidaughter -- his daughter ireland ldwin tweeted over the ekend and said her d is a good man. everyone has problems. this is anssue that -- anger manag
not think that's going to happen here. the target at sac capital was steve cohen. i think the outcome at sac capital was foreseeable if you look at all of the other cases that were part of the bigger sec capital probe. you're not going to have a situation with jpmorgan where you have a criminal indictment that turns the lobby of every jpmorgan office around the world into a state of the office health fund. you're tot going to shut down the bank. it's not going to happen. i think there is at least -- i don't want to say a handshake, but an understanding, we're not going to see a criminal case here. >> jacob, if you were called in by the independent director of the jpmorgan, so we're going to have a private meeting and we want to get your view on what the heck just happened here and how we should think about our own management and how we should think about them going forward, you would tell them what? >> i would tell them that this is a toxic, toxic, not a tough u.s. government, a toxic regulatory environment that's been created by the powers that -- by the powers that be in washington. i thin
? >> we are missing them, steve. people that are not longer unemployed but the job -- i've never seen 342,000 jobs in one month. if this number does not fix itself, somehow saying we miscounted last month, i think congress should investigate the department of labor. >> so, this headline was put up on a stupid website, out of air, yeah, right. jon stewart called me crazy. crazy conspiracy theorist, bottom line, the numbers did not add up. >> wow, they go after you a lot. greg? >> it's new book. you can preorder it now. it's called "not cool" and it's how the desire to be liked by people who hate you can destroy your life and create disorder, you can preorder at retailers or go to and you can preorder it there. this book, i'm telling you, will change your life. look at that, it's beautiful too. >> it looks like a self-help book. >> it's not a self-help book. >> that book is called "not cool." j john kennedy, established the united states peace core, if you look at the executive order. >> i have signed an executive order providing for the establishment of a peace core on a tempo
in the cycling event. i said why not? >> steve looker? >> what a man. >> bill o'reilly has been very supportive of the independence fund. are you a factor fan by any chance? >> oh, yeah. he has been tremendous for us, the independence fund. thank you, bill. >> now, the sergeant major, is he getting a track chair. >> he doesn't need a track chair is he blind so he does not use a track chair. >> why is he on the board? why is he helping the independence fund? >> well, right now they have hyperbowl lick chambers for guys that they enter into. if you suffer from depression or head trauma or addiction like he did, you go in these chambers and it works a lot better. >> that's interesting. not just the track chairs doing other things. >> not just the track chair. >> when you play golf he plays on a sound ball. >> no, no. he actually warms up, gets loose, i put the ball in front of him and it's basically i have to guide him to where he swingts. he actually almost outdrove me on the tee, which was a little embarrassing but he has got a nice swing. >> he can feel the ball on his club. >> feel the ball it
: yesterday we brought you the story of steve busher. he and his wife survived in their basement hallway. >> i was down and she was lord like here. >> reporter: when they surfaced their brick home was destroyed and his cars were thrown across the street. >> the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> reporter: and what was that? >> my wife. >> reporter: thousands left combing through the piles of debris searching for whatever they can salvage. >> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: there really is nothing as impactful when you take a look at the map of all the storm reports out there. we have seen those firlltered t 70 tornadoes. one statistic of all the tornado warnings in the state of illinois more than half of those reports all came in just on sunday. that gives you an idea of how impressive this system was, especially late in the season. we typically, of course, talk about tornadoes in the springtime and unfortunately it looked like this outbreak came late in november taking a lot of people by surprise. we will talk about what is going on today. we know that
for lucas' plan includes more than 30 cosigners including yahoo's ceo marissa mayer, steve jobs' widow and veteran rap performers mc hammer. >>> a view from above shows entire neighborhoods splintered apart. the recovery now under way after more than 80 tornadoes hit the region on sunday. at least eight people were killed, hundreds of homes flattened. one woman was rescued from under a large chunk of concrete in her collapsed home. her daughter-in-law found her. >> she was my angel. i don't know how long i would have been there. [ crying ] >> because i couldn't have moved that concrete block myself. >> officials say a number of factors kept the casualties down including early warnings, accurate forecasts and the fact that storms happened during the day when people were awake. >>> well, some palo alto police officers will soon be equipped with videocameras mounted on their bodies. city council unanimously approved $350,000 last night for the cameras. the money will mostly pay to replace 18 cameras and police cruisers but also calls for cameras that nine motorcycle officers will actually
marissa mayer, steve jobs' widow lauren, and veteran rap performer mc hammer. >>> uc-santa barbara is issuing a health alert after two students were diagnosed with meningitis. the university is urging people on campus now to watch out for signs of the disease. symptoms can include fever, headache, rashes, body aches and nausea. so far, investigators have not identified any connection with an outbreak on the east coast that sickened 7 people at princeton university. >>> several san francisco supervisors say they are now determined to get a measure on the ballot to impose a tax on sugary drinks. a couple of different proposals would add two cents per ounce to sodas and other sugary drinks sold in the city. supervisors expected the two proposals to merge to one and go before the voters in november 2014. health experts have linked sugary drinks to diabetes and obesity. >>> the city of palo alto is moving ahead to expand a smoking ban. the city council voted 8-1 last night to have city staff work on a new proposal. it would ban smoking outdoors on california and university avenues. two
on the document at a house hearing. louisiana's steve scalise called it "damning." >> if the president really didn't know about this... this report says the white house absolutely knew what was going on, and they didn't tell the president. he ought to be firing these people today. >> reporter: administration officials said they took action after the report. but henry chao, the top technology officer at medicare, said he was not briefed on the consultants' findings. pennsylvania republican tim murphy pressed the point. >> and so, this is a major report that went as high up as the secretary-- we don't know-- saying that there were serious problems with this. and you're saying that even though you were interviewed by this, you did not ever have this briefing yourself? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: chao did say 30% to 40% of the system that supports the online exchange still needs to be developed and tested. at a separate hearing, one private security expert warned the healthcare web site has flaws that put consumer data at "critical risk," but white house spokesman jay carney insisted today the infor
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